guide_beregond: (Crossed arms glare by RohanDove)
guide_beregond ([personal profile] guide_beregond) wrote2004-03-03 01:54 pm

I hate feeling pent up. Let's fix that.

So very bored. This seems to be the one drawback to my improved condition since the transfer. Everyone else is suddenly so boring!

Even Russell. So much potential for a good time with that one. But he's hardly worth the trouble lately. He acts as if I'm terrible just for wanting to have a good time with him. How stupid and irritating.

But I -want- a good time. And this rather tacky looking establishment just ahead seems to be drawing the kinds of patrons that won't question my motives, but will just give me what I want. Yes. This should relieve more than just my boredom.

Beregond pushes open the doors to a seedy bar and drops into a seat, then looks around the room with a slight smirk on his face.

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