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What is good and what is evil?

I happen to live in a universe where evil and good can sometimes be very easy to spot. Much of the time these concepts take on actual form, such as, oh, what can I use for an example... a ring, perhaps?

I'm making light of a subject that truly is not, though. Good and evil are concepts that one cannot take for granted. A person acting on side of good one day may turn around and join forces with darkness the next. I have seen this happen.

To truly identify good and evil, I suppose I would need to look deeper than just the manifestation of their effects, or at the artifacts created as their tools. These are merely symptoms, not the disease itself.

This is very difficult. I need another ale or two before I continue.

A few drinks later.

Death is evil.

Life is good.

That's simplistic, but to me, it's the very core of the question.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 158

My Movie?

May. 6th, 2004 04:29 pm
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What would your life be, if it were a movie? Comedy, horror, drama Sci-Fi? And who would play you?

I apologize for the delay in answering your question. I did not recognize the word "movie", and had to do some research. Interesting notion. It's like a play captured in a bottle. All you need to do is uncap it and it will tell the tale over and over again.

I suppose my life story would belong in the action/adventure genre, considering all my adventures in Gondor during the war of the ring. A part of me wishes the answer could have been a romance movie, or comedy. My life has had it's share of both, but I know I'll always be remembered for what happened in Minas Tirith, and in battle against the forces of Sauron.

As for my choice of actors to portray me, again, I spent much time and effort learning about the various actors who make these movies. I think my choice would be Richard Dean Anderson. He already portrays a soldier, and he does seem to have a knack for getting himself out of tight situations. This talent would come in handy during encounters with hill trolls, believe me. Even Tolkien himself couldn't seem to come up with a solution to that encounter. There's a rather large gap in my life between Pippin and I facing that troll, and my trial back in Minas Tirith. Perhaps one of your fine screenwriters might be inclined to add this missing sequence back into my movie, should it ever be made.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 243
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Democracy or Monarchy?

I have heard of democracies. Half-informed citizens choosing a stranger from among them based on promises of what will be done if elected. Then a few years later you toss it all to the winds again, and take a gamble on keeping him or choosing another. It seems to be very confusing and unsettled to me. I would not wish to live within such a system.

Now, monarchies are not perfect, mind you. But they have some advantages. A future ruler is groomed from birth, trained in the ways of diplomacy, schooled with the knowledge of the lands to be ruled, and taught to accept the responsibility when the time comes to take the throne. Yes, we have had some problems – Denethor, the former Steward of Gondor being the most recent that comes to mind. Yet, even though he will no doubt be remembered as a madman, he did not start life that way. Indeed, I was influential in blocking his actions on that final day of his life, yet I still can recall the Steward as he was in earlier years. He was corrupted by powers beyond his control. Had he been a President and not a Steward, it would not have changed this fact. It was not the monarchy that failed us in the dark days that followed.

Now, I am a loyal soldier to my Prince Faramir of Ithilien. Every event of his life has led him towards who and what he is today. Could I feel as loyal to a leader shoved to the forefront after traveling a path greased by bribery, coercion, empty promises and soon-forgotten campaigns? No, I do not think I could.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 279
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How do you handle confrontations?

You would ask a soldier this? I would wait for the command, draw my sword, and plunge ahead into the battle. Never ask a simple soldier a complicated question!

Well, that’s one answer. But I am not always a soldier though. I am also a father, and while Bergil is a son to make any man proud, he’s also got a stubborn streak that I swear he must have gotten from his mother’s side. I recall the day he filled his pockets with winter apples. I caught him stuffing the last apple down his tunic, and asked him if he planned to eat all of those for his supper. He knew the rules – do not take more than you can eat, leave enough for the next hungry ranger. He looked me dead in the eye, and said "yes", the defiance quite unmistakable in his features.

We all go through those phases of growing up when we feel we must push the boundaries. It helps us know where they are, and what we are capable of. Bergil was pushing, and I think we both knew it.

I smiled, and filled my own plate with my supper. "Wonderful! It’s good to be able to share supper with my son for a change, my shift does not start for another hour." Bergil knew full well what this would mean. He sat down, resigned to his fate, fully prepared to eat fifteen apples just to show the old man he’d taken a proper supper.

By the time he got to biting into the fourth apple, he was not a happy boy. I polished off the last of my stew, and rose to get a slice of pie. "Would you like some apple pie for your dessert, once you’ve finished your dinner, Bergil?" He nearly started to cry, so sick of apples, and put off by what until today was his favorite dessert. "Or perhaps you would find more pleasure in an apology and the placing of eight apples back in the barrel?"

My fatherhood techniques worked that day. But I know a day will come when simple tricks are not enough, and I can only hope I have raised him well, and that the confrontations that will no doubt arise between my adult son and myself will be able to be resolved through thoughtful conversation and reasoning. And afterwards, we can have apple pie.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 400
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What was the most important decision you ever made, and why?

To save the life of my Captain Faramir. The ‘why’, should be obvious. It was not his time to go, all of Gondor still needed him. To leave his fate in the hands of a madman was simply unacceptable. Denethor had ceased to be his true self, and why the other guards in my company could not see this will always remain a mystery to me. I will always lament the two Guards that fell as my sword gained me passage, but in truth, they made their decision to continue following a madman, and the only possible outcome would be more madness. Were I faced with this trial again, I know I would follow the same course, again. I chose the right path that day. Doing what you must do is not always easy to live with.

If you could change one moment in your past, what would it be?

Ah, that very same moment in Rath Dínen. If only Denethor had not lost his mind… but the past cannot be changed. It is but idle daydreaming to dwell on such things. Better to think ahead to the future, and build upon the actions of yesterday.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 183 words (two ficlets combined)
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It had been a long day for Beregond and Russell. A leisurely breakfast followed by an afternoon in the sun at the river's edge had tired them both out. Somewhere towards evening, Beregond pulled Russell by the hand back to his apartment in the realm of the Muses. He still wished to take Russell home to visit Minas Tirith and Ithilien, but right now, he just wanted the closest bed, and Russell in it.

He nudged Russell towards the bed, then fell across it himself, exhaling long and low. "Mmmm. Grass is nice to snooze in, but sometimes a good bed is just what's needed. Are you tired? Need to sleep a bit?"
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If you were stranded on a deserted island, what three things would you want to have with you?

If only you had wished to strand me in the woods of Ithilien, my answer would be a simple one – my cloak, my knife and my bow. I need only recall my time spent as a ranger to know this would be sufficient.

But a deserted island is well outside of my experience. Still, I would need to eat, and would wish for a knife for hunting and cleaning whatever form of food is available. I would need to sleep, but I believe I could build shelter out of raw materials. However, the nights might be cold, and falling ill would not help my chance of survival. I suppose my cloak would be useful after all as it makes a warm blanket, as well as keeping the elements at bay in the daytime.

I will change the third item, though. I would wish for a musical instrument, of any sort. I do not know how to play one, so the choice does not matter. I would have endless hours to learn it. The sounds would either soothe me to rest, or jar me to alertness. Either way, it would be a benefit!

And when I am finally rescued, I would be able to write a song about my adventure to sing to my son, and I could amaze him by providing my own musical accompaniment.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 250 words
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Hearing, Sight, Taste, Touch, and Smell. The five senses. Which would be the worst one for you to lose, and why?

If I were to be struck deaf to the sounds of battle, the cries of soldiers falling around me, this is something I could adjust to, perhaps more easily than I care to admit. I have also smelled enough blood to last me to the end of my days. The taste of dirt and ash on the wind, even my own blood in my mouth on some occasions, and the eating of stale bread and rancid meat at the end of a long campaign, no I would gladly give up these as well. And finally, the desperate pressing of my hand to a soldier’s chest seeking a heartbeat but finding only a cold stillness. A soldier must endure all these, yet they are certainly not experiences to savor.

But if I were to lose the ability to help prevent these horrors in the first place? Ah, there is the crux of the issue. To spot the enemy, to know which way to turn and fight effectively, to move as one with the rest of my company as we battle together, one sense becomes vital. Without my eyes I can do nothing to prevent the assault on all the other senses.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: Double-drabble - 200
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So very bored. This seems to be the one drawback to my improved condition since the transfer. Everyone else is suddenly so boring!

Even Russell. So much potential for a good time with that one. But he's hardly worth the trouble lately. He acts as if I'm terrible just for wanting to have a good time with him. How stupid and irritating.

But I -want- a good time. And this rather tacky looking establishment just ahead seems to be drawing the kinds of patrons that won't question my motives, but will just give me what I want. Yes. This should relieve more than just my boredom.

Beregond pushes open the doors to a seedy bar and drops into a seat, then looks around the room with a slight smirk on his face.
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Well, fine. Don't be fun, Russell.

I'm off to find someone who IS. Craving some fun, and I really hate to be bored.

Beregond wanders back to town, not knowing what he wants, but he'll know it when he finds it.

OOC: Beregond and mun are flying out of town tomorrow for 4 days, so just assume he's having his way with whatever and whoever he finds for diversion until I get back. We should be back online Wednesday morning.

Amuse me!

Feb. 25th, 2004 08:50 am
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Beregond: Having found a most satisfying steak house, and eaten my fill. The waitress didn't notice me slip out, and I toss the crumpled bill for my meal at the curb, loping down the sidewalk, well fed and still mellow from the roll with Russell, but now I'm bored again and craving a diversion. Ah. Smith. I'm sure he'd provide some amusement, at least for a short while. *bangs on the door to his workspace, frowing that I can't just pop in since I've lost that very handy program form*

If I let you come on, will you stop that infernal noise? )
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What do you want on your tombstone, and why?

Well, then, shall we draw our chairs closer to the fire, all the better to ward off the chill that finds the nape of the neck when death is the topic at hand? But, this is not my first ale of the evening, and I am not a young man any longer. I do believe that I am well beyond the raising of goosebumps at the thought of my own passing.

Some might find this a morbid question, but I see it in another light. I would like to think that my final resting place would be one of choice by my own kin, marked with a stone if they wished. So many of my fellow soldiers have been lost to the field of battle, in lands so dismal and hostile that a proper burial was impossibility. I have seen warriors fall under the enemy, even as we hastened a retreat. The families of those soldiers whose bodies were never recovered are deprived of having a quiet place to kneel and think upon the one they have lost.

Of course, I would hope that the span of years marked on my stone will show a great distance of time between the year of my birth and the year of my death!

Beyond this fond wish for a long and healthy life - the exact words of my epitaph do not matter much to me, as I will not be around to read them. I would hope for words that might bring peace to my son Bergil's heart, though. Something to make my boy proud enough of his father to one day bring his own wife and children by for a visit, perhaps to spend an afternoon near by, telling them the stories of my life.

Now that I think more upon this, I feel I am the man I am due in large part to those I keep company with. Perhaps, if I am lucky, my tombstone will read:

Son of Baranor
Husband of Berenith
Father of Bergil
Soldier of Gondor
Captain to Prince Faramir of Ithilien
Friend of Many

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Word Count: 350
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I've turned off the cryo unit, and my formerly cold, frozen stiff, lifeless body is now simply my lifeless former body.

Nervously, I pace my workspace, feeling like I'm looking over my own shoulder. It's not every day a man spends time in a room with his own corpse.

I could use some company right about now. And someone who knows how to get me and my soul from Point A to Point B.

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Beregond leaves Russell, with a promise to return soon, in one form or another and let him know how his talk with Smith turns out.

He arrives at Smith's workplace, wearing suit pants, no dark glasses, and a tye dyed shirt.

Smith! Are you here?
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Blatently stolen from [Bad username or site: @]

Post anything that you want here, and post it anonymously. Anything. A story, a secret, a confession, a fear, a love, an opinion -- anything. Be sure to post anonymously and honestly. Post as many times as you like. Then, put this in your LJ to see what your friends (and perhaps others who you don't even realise read your LJ) have to say.

If your secret is that you are an anonymous lj spammer, then your secret will be deleted. ;)


Feb. 16th, 2004 01:05 pm
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After leaving Russell in the park, Beregond returned to his workspace and began working on a formula that would equate to approximating the effect ingesting cannabis sativa has on humans.

He accessed Beregond’s memories of the two times he had shared the smoke of this plant with Russell. He would catalog the reactions, then write a program capable of emulating each reaction.

Quickly, Beregond also accessed public medical information on cannabis sativa, loads parameters of effects into new applet titled "Smoke and Mirrors"

He then set about customizing the program to provide an effect Russell would feel approximates the effect of the smoke on his friend Beregond 1.0.

Pupil dilation: An easy effect to mimic, since the eyes are mere contrivances in the first place. Done.

Temporary spatial disintegration of the ability to carry out tasks which require multiple operations in the accomplishment of a goal: Disconcerting. But it can be accomplished, with a buffered deadman’s switch added in case of an infinite loop occurring on any given task.

Trailing Phenomenon: Alter vision to irregular frame-by-frame mode rather than smooth movement of perception.

Anxiety/Paranoia: Beregond 1.0 did not experience this. It could be that the presence of Russell provided a safety feature of sorts. Beregond does not program this effect into his psuedo-cannabis.

Hallucinations: Set perception standards to layer special effects over vision input. Can adapt Photoshop to provide this effect – why reinvent the wheel?

Munchies: Not Applicable. Russell should understand.

Pleased with his work, Beregond takes a break and studies cryogenics for a few nanoseconds. He’s all ready for his appointment with Russell later today.
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This took a bit to finish and it's scrolled back a ways in the friends list, so thought I'd post the link fresh for anyone following the Beregond/Smith/Russell Saga.

Beregond Gets A Bit Drunk/Stoned With Russell The Night Before He, Um, Bites It.

Russell's been SUCH a good friend. He really has some good karma due to come his direction one of these days. *makes a note of that*
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Beregond went directly to [Bad username or site: @]'s apartment and rapped sharply on the door. There was no answer.

He reviewed all options regarding other locations Russell might have gone to, and decided that the park with a 32% probablity factor, or the diner at 58% were the two most likely possibilites.

Within seconds he was standing in front of the diner, taking the time to adjust his sunglasses before striding in to search for the man.
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[another chat will take place that falls before this one, with Beregond and Russell - but onward ho, timezones be damned!]

Beregond returns home after spending a good amount of time with Russell. He's worn down from the events of the day, although time with Russell always seems to do his spirits a turn for the better, though it may prove detrimental to his health in the long run.

It's good to be home. I think perhaps I will sleep for days, and when I wake, this will all be far behind me.

He stops cold in the center of the room, staring at someone who he did not expect to be here.

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[Continued from Beregond's visit to the Oracle]

So, then. The Oracle says that [Bad username or site: @] may have answers for me. I don't understand, but an excuse to see Russell again is not a terrible thing.

I have asked about, and it seems he stays here now. *raps on the door*
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