Feb. 16th, 2004 01:05 pm
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After leaving Russell in the park, Beregond returned to his workspace and began working on a formula that would equate to approximating the effect ingesting cannabis sativa has on humans.

He accessed Beregond’s memories of the two times he had shared the smoke of this plant with Russell. He would catalog the reactions, then write a program capable of emulating each reaction.

Quickly, Beregond also accessed public medical information on cannabis sativa, loads parameters of effects into new applet titled "Smoke and Mirrors"

He then set about customizing the program to provide an effect Russell would feel approximates the effect of the smoke on his friend Beregond 1.0.

Pupil dilation: An easy effect to mimic, since the eyes are mere contrivances in the first place. Done.

Temporary spatial disintegration of the ability to carry out tasks which require multiple operations in the accomplishment of a goal: Disconcerting. But it can be accomplished, with a buffered deadman’s switch added in case of an infinite loop occurring on any given task.

Trailing Phenomenon: Alter vision to irregular frame-by-frame mode rather than smooth movement of perception.

Anxiety/Paranoia: Beregond 1.0 did not experience this. It could be that the presence of Russell provided a safety feature of sorts. Beregond does not program this effect into his psuedo-cannabis.

Hallucinations: Set perception standards to layer special effects over vision input. Can adapt Photoshop to provide this effect – why reinvent the wheel?

Munchies: Not Applicable. Russell should understand.

Pleased with his work, Beregond takes a break and studies cryogenics for a few nanoseconds. He’s all ready for his appointment with Russell later today.
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