Jan. 6th, 2004

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Is there ever a reason to get blindingly drunk?

I distinctly recall two nights when I was tempted to block out all thought from my mind. Looking back, I am glad I did not. Drink blurs the memory and for those in pain, it lightens it not. In fact, the opposite usually happens – a pity for those seeking to block the darkness within.

I wish to always remember those last bittersweet moments with my wife. I am sorry, these are personal memories and I wish not to speak any more of them aloud. Perhaps someday, but I am not yet ready.

I will also hold fast to the memories of what took place on Rath Dínen the day Lord Denethor died. I will hold the memory of my actions in honor of the families of those who died at my hand that day.

I still have not answered your question.

I would drink in more pleasant days. When the hills of Emyn Arnen are warm and inviting, in the peaceful of the spring yet to come. Then I shall join with my friends and soldiers in celebration of Ithilien’s future. And perhaps I shall indeed as you so quaintly word it, become blindingly drunk, on such a happy day.

Beregond: Captain of the White Company, the Guard of Faramir Prince of Ithilien.
Fandom: The Lord Of The Rings
Double-Drabble: 200 words


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